Symptoms, of any kind, are a message from your body that it is having a difficult time adapting to stresses (whether they be physiological or emotional) and maintaining balance. Symptoms are like a warning light on your car's dashboard. The light isn't the problem. It is a signal that something is wrong with the system. In the same way your pain, medical condition, or emotional disturbance is a signal that something deeper needs to be addressed. I use a multi-disciplinary approach to not only relieve symptoms but to also treat the root of a condition and strengthen the body's natural healing response.

Your unique health concerns are integral to the development of your treatment plan. In developing this plan I will often suggest a combination of AcupunctureChinese Herbology, or Craniosacral Therapy.

Working together I can help you achieve freedom from pain as well as increase your overall health and well-being.

Cindy Palay, Acupuncturist

Over the last 29 years, Cindy has used her training as an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbologist and Craniosacral therapy to help people. Her focus is to help people regain the parts of their life back that are diminished by pain, health concerns, or a lack of emotional well being. After her undergraduate studies at UCLA, Cindy attended The Emperor’s College of TCM. Since that time she continued her studies in acupuncture orthopedics as well as training as a Craniosacral Therapist. She maintains her state license in both North Carolina and California, specializing in both acute and chronic pain, sports medicine, asthma (pediatric and adult), allergies, migraines, neuropathy, autoimmune and environmental illnesses, anxiety, depression, insomnia, female concerns (menopause and menstrual concerns), as well as general health and overall well being.


Cindy became attracted to Chinese Medicine in her early 20’s when it helped her make sense of a time in her life where due to loss as a child she experienced cold symptoms that re-occurred and were very long lasting. While in Chinese medicine lung concerns can just be that one has gotten a virus or a bacterial infection, it can also relate to unresolved or unexpressed grief and sadness. Making sense as to why the colds stopped when Cindy was able to finally grieve. Due to this she was completely entranced by the blending in this medicine of the physical, emotional, and spiritual causations for illnesses. In addition, the viewing of the body as a whole, where the goal is to bring it back into balance made more sense than any system of medicine that she had heard of to date.


Adding to her training in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Cindy became a proficient Craniosacral therapist and for many conditions the combination of CST, Acupuncture, and Herbology can be exponentially beneficial. This combination of diverse skills allows her to treat many difficult and intransigent conditions, allowing you as her patient to take control of your health and give you the freedom to enjoy your life.

While Acupuncture and Chinese herbology is not the answer for everything, it can be of great assistance to your health whether as a stand alone medicine, or in conjunction with your physician or chiropractic doctor. Feel free to contact Cindy for a short conversation to see if your health concern would be well addressed by her combination of skills.



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