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Benefits of Natural Health Strategies

You are more than the sum of your symptoms. That’s why Natural Health Strategies takes a holistic approach to help you feel & look better, focusing on the underlying causes of your health concerns.

If you’re like Rebecca and feel like conventional medicine alone isn’t working effectively, it’s time to work with Natural Health Strategies.

NHS Mission

NHS improves your life through natural health modalities and education in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At Natural Health Strategies we believe you can take control of your health naturally through personalized diet and lifestyle choices. We offer realistic, affordable and practical programs for your health concerns.

What We Do

Rebecca creates a personalized health plan for you including diet, lifestyle, supplement, and homeopathic recommendations. So, if you have specific health concerns or are looking to generally improve your health, we can help! We frequently address the following health concerns:

- Chronic indigestion

- Heart health

- Weight loss and weight maintenance

- Headaches and anxiety

- Low Energy Levels

Same Day Testing and Results

Your RBTI test is simple, easy and immediate, no painful blood work or waiting required. Best of all, you’ll get your results and an actionable natural health plan within an hour. Our noninvasive tests use a sample of saliva and urine to analyze bodily fun

ction and form your personalized health recommendations.

Our clients report feeling better in just 7-14 days. Learn more about what to expect at your appointment in our FAQ here.

Rebecca Hale - Natural Health Practitioner

Rebecca is from Silver Spring, Maryland. She attended the University of Maryland, College Park where she degrees in accounting and information services. After working as a tax accountant she decided to leave the cubicle behind and pursue her passion for natural health after it helped improve her own health and lifestyle.

Rebecca attended the New Eden School of Natural Health & 

Herbal Studies and received her Diploma as a Natural Health Practitioner in April, 2015. She is a Registered Natural Health Practitioner (RNHP) with the International Association of Natural Health Practitioners (IANHP).